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Welcome to the Social Media Bodyguard For College Admissions! Colleges are rejecting applicants and revoking offers based on Internet search history, social media politics, & whom applicants are following online. This course was designed to ensure that students don't have to worry about their digital foot print ruining their college & employment opportunities.  

For years, I have defended students accused of unpopular social media behavior and advocated for state laws that ban colleges from being able to request access to their personal digital lives. Many colleges, including Harvard, are secretly tracking the Internet search history of applicants and trying to uncover their Finsta accounts.  

Buying this course will protect college applicants and their families from having to go through the agonizing experience of having an offer and/or scholarship revoked based upon one Tweet or visit to a political, religious, or health focused web site. 

We stand by this Course 100% and if you buy this course and have a college admissions offer or scholarship revoked due to your digital foot print we will refund your purchase. You can reach us at:

To begin the process of ensuring your social media life, your digital foot print, and personal Internet search history does not damage your college prospects sign up now!

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Social Media Bodyguard For College Admissions
Instructor's Background In Protecting The Social Media Lives Of College Applicants, Employees, and Others
Who Is This Course Designed For?
Creating and Using Alternative or Throwaway Email Accounts
Applicants Are More Valuable to Colleges and First Time Employers Who Have A Clean Digital Foot Print
Facebook Posts May Affect Your Credit Score and Ability To Obtain Student Loans
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What's included?

46 Videos
24 PDFs
Brad Shear, Esq.
Brad Shear, Esq.
Digital Armour Academy's CEO

About the Instructor

Hi! My name is Brad Shear. I the the CEO and General Counsel of Digital Armour, LLC which protects and enhances the personal privacy, security, and reputation of your digital life. We ensure that your digital activities including your texts, emails, social media posts, your Internet search history, etc. do not ruin your personal and professional life.   

While in law school, I started my professional career at the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA)  where I assisted in defending the rights of professional football players. One day, the late great Oakland Raider Hall of Fame Executive Director Gene Upshaw asked me what NFL players were doing online. Since then I have worked on technology related issues. 

I have also worked for JPMorgan Chase, an entertainment start-up, and now I own and operate a law and consulting practice in the Bethesda, MD which is a suburb of Washington, DC.  Through my personalized services, online courses, and pro bono social media privacy and free speech advocacy, I can proudly claim that I have protected the personal social media lives of more people than anyone else in the United States. 

My insight regarding social media, privacy, technology, and sports issues is also regularly requested by media organizations all over the world. Here is a link to some of my media opportunities.  If you have any suggestions on changes to my courses or questions feel free to contact me at or at  

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Lisa Evans

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Timely Course and Message

I am so thankful that my son's private school engaged Brad Shear to present his Digital Armour seminar. He spoke to the upper school students during the day and the parents in the evening. His message was an eye opener for everyone in attendance. ...

Marie Jones

Fantastic Course-Great For Parents and High School Students!

I was highly impressed with this course. I saw Mr. Shear speak recently about how to ensure our kids' social media and internet activity doesn't harm their ability to get into college and I believe the work he is doing is fantastic. He is the only...

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