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Hi everyone, my name is Brad Shear and I am a digital privacy & security lawyer & consultant. I help people like you every day learn how to ensure their texts, cell phone call logs, & digital activity doesn't harm their personal and professional life. If you want to be able to text or call your friends, business associates, etc. without fear that your digital activity will be misinterpreted & weaponized against you this course is for you! 

To learn more about my personalized privacy/security/reputation services please check out Thank you for visiting!  

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3 Videos
2 Quizzes
3 PDFs
Brad Shear, Esq.
Brad Shear, Esq.
Digital Armour Academy's CEO

About the instructor

Hi! My name is Brad Shear. I the the CEO and General Counsel of Digital Armour, LLC which protects and enhances the personal privacy, security, and reputation of your digital life. We ensure that your digital activities including your texts, emails, social media posts, your Internet search history, etc. do not ruin your personal and professional life.   

While in law school, I started my professional career at the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA)  where I assisted in defending the rights of professional football players. One day, the late great Oakland Raider Hall of Fame Executive Director Gene Upshaw asked me what NFL players were doing online. Since then I have worked on technology related issues. 

I have also worked for JPMorgan Chase, an entertainment start-up, and now I own and operate a law and consulting practice in the Bethesda, MD which is a suburb of Washington, DC.  Through my personalized services, online courses, and pro bono social media privacy and free speech advocacy, I can proudly claim that I have protected the personal social media lives of more people than anyone else in the United States. 

My insight regarding social media, privacy, technology, and sports issues is also regularly requested by media organizations all over the world. Here is a link to some of my media opportunities.  If you have any suggestions on changes to my courses or questions feel free to contact me at or at  

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