College Admissions Social Media Playbook

How To Have A Winning Digital Foot Print in The College Admissions Game

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The Course
The Course
The Course
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Social Media/Deep Web Background Report On Your Digital Life
Social Media/Deep Web Background Report on Your Digital Life
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Welcome to this eCourse! Thank you for enrolling! This eCourse will teach you how to protect your social media accounts and digital foot print from colleges, employers, insurance companies, lawyers, the government and others who want to utilize your personal digital activities against you. 

We are so confident that the educational information we provide will ensure that your social media life will not negatively affect your college applications that if you purchase our eCourse, follow our advice, and have an offer of admissions revoked based upon your personal social media activities we will give you double your money back!

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Course Curriculum

Introduction To College Admissions Social Media Playbook
Certificate of Guarantee
Instructor's Background In Protecting The Social Media Lives Of College Applicants, Employees, and Others
Who Is This Course Designed For?
Creating and Using Alternative or Throwaway Email Accounts
Applicants Are More Valuable to Colleges and First Time Employers Who Have A Clean Digital Foot Print
Facebook Posts May Affect Your Credit Score and Ability To Obtain Student Loans
Thank You For Enrolling In This Course

What's included?

45 Videos
23 PDFs
Brad Shear
Brad Shear
Instructor Title

About the Instructor

Hi! My name is Brad Shear. I am a lawyer, educator, privacy advocate, and dad. My goal is to ensure that your social media posts, Internet search history, and other activities that may be digitized do not ruin your collegiate and employment opportunities!  

I created the College Admissions Social Media Playbook eCourse so college applicants don't have to worry about whether an old Tweet, Instagram photo or video will destroy their college and professional hopes and dreams. It has been frustrating when parents request my help after their child has incorrectly responded to an admissions committee's demand to verify an innapropriate personal social media post which has led to a lost scholarship and/or a revoked admissions offer.

While in law school I started my professional career at the National Football League Players Association where I assisted in defending the rights of professional football players. One day the Oakland Raider Hall of Fame Executive Director Gene Upshaw asked me what are the members are doing online. From this project, I became fascinated with privacy, security, and reputation issues inherent in technology.  Since then I have opened my own law and consulting practice in the Washington DC area. 

I can proudly claim that I have protected the personal social media privacy of more high school & college students and athletes in the United States than anyone else. I have accomplished this via my advocacy for state and federal laws to ban colleges and employers from being able to demand access to your personal social media accounts and through my legal representation of high school and college students who have been accused of inappropriate social media behavior. 

The most trusted media organizations in the world regularly request my insight regarding social media, privacy, technology, and sports issues. For example, I regularly am quoted and have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, NPR, etc.  Here is a link to some of my media opportunities.   

What others have been saying about this course:

Mary Dubin

Timely Course and Message

I am so thankful that my son's private school engaged Brad Shear to present his Digital Armour seminar. He spoke to the upper school students during the day and the parents in the evening. His message was an eye opener for everyone in attendance. ...

Stacey Farmer

Excellent Course!

This course made my kids realize the importance of cleaning up their social media accounts from not just colleges but also others such as insurance companies. We were shocked at how much online snooping colleges are doing not just on their applica...